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Twitch, Twitch - Part 15

29th Aug 2012, 3:17 PM in Twitch, Twitch
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Twitch, Twitch - Part 15
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KentuckyFriedPopcorn 29th Aug 2012, 3:17 PM edit delete
Woohoo, color! Mainly I just wanted to see if I could do it, and what it would look like. I fiddled around a lot with colors, but did not like most of them - I found they tended to overwhelm the inking, which is probably my strong suit if I have one. In the end, I kept desaturating and desaturating until I managed the sort of faded, slightly art nouveau look that I wanted. It's not even close to being a polished look, but it made a decent first try with color. The strip will NOT be going color fulltime, though, because that would mean it would only be updated 3 times a year. Every so often, it will be good for extra zing, though.

So - One more strip to go, and then an epilog. Our heroes seem to have won the day, more or less, but have they forgotten the full extent of Evil Twitch's homicidal tendencies?
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Rick_C 29th Aug 2012, 3:28 PM edit delete reply
Sweet, Sweet Color. You must now, forever, make with the colors.
KentuckyFriedPopcorn 29th Aug 2012, 4:47 PM edit delete reply
That would cut production down to one strip every two months...

Although I'm going to see if I can do some of the coloring on my iPad with Sketchbook. That would help, time-wise, because I could color while relaxing by the TV in the evening, rather than having to be AT the computer to do the colors.
Draginbeard 29th Aug 2012, 4:04 PM edit delete reply
Wow, REALLY nice job with the colors!! Subb'd =D (was going to anyway)
KentuckyFriedPopcorn 29th Aug 2012, 4:49 PM edit delete reply
Thanks very much! I'm still not 100% happy with them - If anything, I think I may end up desaturating a little further. It's very handy for the period feel of the strip, though, I must admit. The B&W ones are relatively time-neutral, but one look at George's jersey in the color strip tells you it's mid-to-late 70's.
Blurlok 29th Aug 2012, 5:15 PM edit delete reply
"What fun is it to outsmart someone if can't make them feel stupid in the processs." Great line. Yeah I really like the color too - subtle and natural. Far from necessary though. Maybe once you have a staff of colorists at your disposal it can be a regular thing. :)
KentuckyFriedPopcorn 29th Aug 2012, 5:54 PM edit delete reply
Thanks! I was definitely trying for subtle. Highly saturated colors just swamped the look of the strip, IMO. As for the line, it's been fun revealing George and Christopher's personalities through their actions over the course of the story. Especially George, who becomes really fun to draw when he's exasperated, which is most of the time.
cattservant 29th Aug 2012, 6:16 PM edit delete reply
Cheese Weasels...
Could be a touch of that going on here.
KentuckyFriedPopcorn 29th Aug 2012, 7:37 PM edit delete reply
I realized, with some sadness, that it had been at LEAST 35 years since I'd heard anyone use the term "Cheese weasel" as an insult.
cattservant 29th Aug 2012, 9:43 PM edit delete reply
Well bless you for keeping a historical tradition alive!
Gorify 30th Aug 2012, 1:55 AM edit delete reply
I LOVE the color! The strip looks great.
KentuckyFriedPopcorn 30th Aug 2012, 2:39 AM edit delete reply
Merci, madame! Now if only I could just get the coloring speed to where it took less than a month per strip, I'd be OK... (Though, most of the time with this one was just spent figuring out what colors to use, how to render the colors, etc)
gary cramer 30th Aug 2012, 9:49 AM edit delete reply
gary cramer
I really like the subtle colors also. You may have turned a corner and no way back by unleashing your hidden talent. Colors just help the reader fully realize the author's intent in his head.
KentuckyFriedPopcorn 30th Aug 2012, 1:58 PM edit delete reply
I'm curious to see how long it will take next time I do it, now that I have a template file that includes the final color swatches, a "70's color guide" to use, some basic shortcuts, etc. If I can make a striped-down version of it that allows me to color one panel at a time on the iPad, it might not take all that long.