1977 is not a bird, it's an adventure!


by KentuckyFriedPopcorn

Preview art

Not really sure what I want to do with this blog, but since I now have a dedicated "Cast of Characters" page, I figured I'd just use this to post bits of preview art from upcoming strips, and/or unrelated work.  For now, here is a quick ink sketch from the next strip, prior to refining and tone & shadow work.


by KentuckyFriedPopcorn

Intro to KFP

Well, my first blog entry on ComicFury...  

So what IS the KFP comic?

It is - Boys' Own Adventure, time travel, SF, horror, Universal classic monsters, Godzilla, Scooby Doo, 70's nostalgia, Alvin Fernald, Three Investigators, Tom Baker Who, Benny Hill, Chuck Jones, and going out trick or treating in a homemade Dracula outfit in 1975.  It is an evil genius gaining control of the robotic Frankenstein monster at the Fall carnival.  It's staying up late to see the midnight movie and hearing scratching at the door.  

It is NOT - Anime, very fancy, full of gross humor, obnoxious, chibi, or particularly professional in aspirations.  

Whether it will find an audience or not, who knows?  I do it for fun, and to please myself.  I suspect KFP will be most enjoyed by folks over 35, but we'll see how it goes.

The Characters:

Christopher - Christopher is the brains of the group.  He built PAL.  He invented a time machine for the sole purpose of being able to watch monster movies from different time periods, which should be a good example of his priorities.  Christopher is fairly clever but not nearly as clever as he thinks he is.  He is also the source of 90% of the group's problems.

PAL - PAL is a highly advanced AI built out of a television and parts from a TRS-80 home computer.  He can tune in to programming from other time periods and transport individuals between time and space.  He is also entirely untrustworthy and resents having been built by Christopher.  Think of him as the perfect sidekick combination of Kato and Alfred the butler, except that he secretly wants to murder you in your sleep.

Twitch - Twitch is George's little brother.  Twitch is a fanatical fan of Godzilla and other Toho monsters, as well as dinosaurs.  Twitch is the pure-hearted one of the group, but tends to tag along with the others and is often used as a test canary by them, especially when they need to try out potentially dangerous new inventions.

George - George is good hearted but highly skeptical of the rest, especially PAL.  His greatest source of joy in life is tormenting his little brother Twitch.  While often loud and blustery, he's really a bit squishy in the middle and has a soft heart and a highly developed sense of caution after years of coping with Christopher.  There is some speculation that George may have a superhero alter ego, but this is unconfirmed.



I've been posting this comic for a while now on my Blogger movie review blog as an adjunct to the reviews.  Here are a few examples of our comic cast "helping out" with my written reviews of horror and SF flicks: